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The Sweet Life

Written and Directed by Craig Thornton

A video reading available until April 24. Tickets are $5 each.

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The Sweet Life


Set in a village in Upstate New York and inspired by Oliver’s in Batavia NY, The Sweet Life was first produced at the Lake Ontario Playhouse, Sackets Harbor, NY in 2006.  The play was a finalist in the Larry Crose Award for Playwriting and the Christopher Brian Wolk Playwriting Award-it received an off-broadway public reading at the Abingdon Theater Company.


The Lunes family chocolate business has fallen onto hard times and is near collapse because of antiquated business practices and the lack of modern technology. So leery of technology, the plump matriarch of the family, Helen May actually claims to have “techno-phobia” a medically undeclared syndrome that is intensified by cell phone use.  When big-city estranged daughter, Pauline Lunes returns with her slick fiancé to launch a plan to save the family business, old conflicts arise.  Pauline, thin and fit, never eats chocolate and is considered freakishly different than her hefty chocolate loving parents and siblings.


A homecoming story that embraces quirkiness and rides a fine line between zaniness, satire and drama, The Sweet Life is homage to small towns, chocolate, family and Kaufman and Hart. It is a bittersweet comedy about the perils of big business and the struggle of necessary change, while staying to true to yourself.


A comedy. 

Cast List of The Sweet Life Reading 2021

Helen May Lunes – Rebecca Dyke

Petit Philippe Lunes – Phillip Dyke

Pauline Lunes – Ashley DeMar

Dollop Lunes – Joshua Baughn

Bon Bon Lunes – Emily Smith

Richard Coleman – Weston Young

Joe Putnam – Liam  Zaffora-Reeder

Aziel Lalonde, Miscellaneous, Townspeople, Sound effects – Scot Zaffora-Reeder

Stage Directions/Narrator – Sarah Zaffora-Reeder

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