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The Little Theatre of Watertown announces auditions for Of Life and Love: Collection of One Act Plays

Auditions held December 8th, 6:30pm to 8:30 pm and December 9th, 2 pm - 4 pm at Emmanuel Congregational Church, 119 S. Hamilton Street, Watertown. 

Please prepare a sonnet or a romantic poem and be ready to perform a cold reading.

The show dates are February 10 and 17 at Emmanuel Church, 119 S. Hamilton St., Watertown, NY

Cast Needs for six eclectic one-act  plays on life, love and the assorted relationships we find ourselves in. Non-binary actors are welcome to audition for the gender(s) that they are most comfortable in portraying.

2 Female (16 - 24)

3 Female (25 - 65) 

1 Female (65+)


1 Male (16 - 24)

6 Male (25 - 50) 

2 Male (55 +)


In person audition form:

Virtual audition form: 


Walk in the Park by Stanley Dyrector: 

Cast Break Down:  1F (60 - 90 +) (appears older than the man), 1M (50 - 70+)

Play Length: 5 Minutes

Synopsis: When Jack meets Esther in the park one day, he swears she looks familiar. Although Esther initially denies knowing him at all, she invites him to sit down and they get to talking. Jack tells her the story of the girl he knew long ago, the girl he called “Essie,” who helped him get over another girl who broke his heart a long time ago.

Dinner at Dario’s by A. Giovanni Affinito:



Play Length: 25 Minutes

Synopsis:  In this romantic LGBT comedy – drama, Frank, a surgeon and Mark, an operatic baritone are preparing to meet at their local restaurant, Dario’s for a final farewell dinner after their relationship fell apart and they broke up. Their dinner plans are complicated by the arrival of David, Frank’s new fling, who is supposed to be coming to dinner as well, but who is too nervous and backs out of it as well as Harold, Frank’s other new fling, complete with Tofu and health food shakes.

Dearth of a Salesman by Albi Gorn:

Cast Break Down: 1M (25-54), 1F (25-54)

Play Length: 25 Minutes

Synopsis: A somewhat odd salesman tries to sell a woman a broom that he claims has unusual qualities. Throughout the course of the pitch we learn what the salesman brings to the table to truly change her life.

Seventeen Stitches by Tara Meddaugh: 

Cast Break Down: 1M (16-24), 1F (16-24)

Play Length: 25 Minutes

Synopsis: Two teenagers meet in a vortex-like space between opposing lines of people. While Rachel is simply passing the time before she returns to her place in line, Peter has stepped out of his line in protest. As the lines begin to close in on them, he must make a life-altering decision by choosing to continue forging his path in his father’s line, or join the haunting allure of Rachel’s line, the “line of diamonds.”

We Are Close Family written and directed by Craig Thornton:

Cast Break Down: 1M (25-54), 2F (25-54)

Play Length: 45 Minutes

Synopsis: This award-winning one-act play is the story of a startlingly dysfunctional family. Told in five scenes over eighteen years– not, however, in chronological order – WE’RE A CLOSE FAMILY explores themes of the lost father, familial and individual identity, and forgiveness and loss. A disturbing comedy that has momentum even when it’s going back in time, it often poses the question: is it really better to have a family if it’s this family? 

Sandcastle Man by Linsey Watkins:

Cast Break Down: 1M (55+), 1F (16-24)

Play Length: 10 Minutes

Synopsis: Isa is a teenager who has just moved in with her grandmother in a small beach town. Conroy is a man in his 70's who moved to the town after retirement and became ‘The Sandcastle Man’. Isa meets Conroy the day after she wrecks one of his castles. The Sandcastle Man is a 10 minute play about how we balance grief, pain and the joy of unlikely friendships. What happens when we choose creation instead of destruction?

Little Theatre of Watertown is an all-volunteer organization and one of the oldest continually running community theatre company in the North Counry.

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